Ice for Headaches…



As per any strain, or sprain, my number one self management tool for patients who suffer from Headaches is to use ice.  Ice should be used as you feel the onset of a headache, or while you are suffering from a headache.  Essentially I recommend the use of Ice to reduce swelling, or inflammation.  This reduction of swelling (inflammation) then reduces pressure within the particular structure that it is inhibiting causing the area/s to become desensitized.  As a result a reduction in pain is achieved along with its nasty side effect, your headache… 


When you feel a Headache coming on, lie on your back with a small pillow under your neck.  Place an ice pack (I prefer the soft gel packs) on the pillow under the upper part of your neck.  Ice for no longer than 10 minutes at a time.  Repeat this every 20 minutes.  10 minutes on, 20 minutes off.  Repeat this 4-6 times. 




FREE headache treatment to the first 6 people who inbox me!!!

ok….  as I mentioned last week I will be assessing and treating 6 new headache patients for free.


I have had awesome success with this type of treatment over the last couple of years and its now time to get it out there!  It is not massage, manipulation, acupuncture, medication or anything else that you have tried.  I know this because I have essentially taken 5 years of researching physiology, physiotherapy and osteopathic techniques and have developed my own manual therapy protocol to treat headache patients.  I can guarantee that I am the only physiologist in Australia (maybe the world) to use these techniques.  It has worked for approximately 95% of patients I have treated and I am confident it can work for most who suffer from Headaches.  Keep in mind there are 5% it hasn’t helped but I’m working on that!!!


Please also keep in mind I am not doing this to make more money or to get more patients, I am doing this because I love treating headaches and love the way a patients head can clear in an instant once they have been treated!!!!!


The first 6 people to inbox me their details will be the first 6 to resolve their headaches!!!




Free Headache Treatment to 6 new patients…

Hey Guys,

As you may or may not know I have a special interest in treating patients who suffer with Headaches. As a therapist it is one of the most rewarding feelings to have a patient walk into my clinic with a headache and walk out without one. As you guys also know I am growing IRC  and we need more people to know about us, what we do and where we are.


I will be offering a number of free Initial consultations for NEW headache suffering patients. Please share our page to anyone you know who suffers from headaches and would benefit from my treatment.


I will announce on Facebook in the next 2 weeks as to how this will work so please get sharing!!!

cheers – Nick.

What we do???

I get asked a lot “What do you do” ?   I usually reply by saying “good question”…

I’m NOT a traditional exercise physiologist who only prescribes exercise.  I can (and do) prescribe exercise – but I also treat manually.  So I mobilize joints and muscles with hands on therapy… But Im NOT a physio, chiro or osteo either.

I treat and rehabilitate all body parts but my special interests are lower backs, necks and headaches.  Bookings can  be made at Warrawong or Dapto – $55 – for a treatment.  Stay tuned for more stuff on back, necks and headaches.