Why do we need strong glutes???

Strong glutes.  Why do we need them?

When was the last time you saw a health care professional for low back pain and they recommended to you that you needed to strengthen your glutes?  Probably never…  Most low back talk these days is focused on a strong core or low back strength but rarely specifically just about strong glute muscles.


In short there are three main muscles that make up the “glutes”.  Gluteus Maximus, Medius and Minimus.  The glutes are anatomically responsible for extending your hip (standing up and moving your leg straight back behind your body). 


But the functional activities that the glutes are used for are much more important.  Standing, walking, running, sitting, squatting, and bending.   When you think about it sitting up and down from a chair, getting in and out of your car, bending or squatting to pick up your child’s toy are all activities in which the glutes activate.  And lets not forget the postural component of your glutes.  Strong glutes will assist your pelvis to sit correctly and give positive positioning for your sacrum and spine.



So its unfortunate that when you experience low back pain and need to rely on other body parts to help that our strongest, largest, most functional group of muscles let us down…

Without over complicating things, you don’t need glutes like Ronnie Coleman (below) to protect and help your back, however you do need glutes that turn on and off as required and give maximum support for your body. 

In my next blog I will set out a glute strengthening program that will give you stability, strength and at worst a sexy set of buns…..












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