Case Study. Scoliosis.

A 46 year old male presented for treatment of his hip pain.

He has had a physically active life.  He is still working in a physically active job.

On first presentation the lumbar scoliosis was evident.  ( A scoliosis is a curvature of the spine.  It can be in any section of the spine and there may be more than one curve).  Clinically a lot of patients present to clinic with some sort of curvature that usually is not symptomatic.

To abbreviate the assessment – we checked everything else and the main culprit of his hip pain  appears to be coming from the lumbar spine.  Essentially the nerves of the lumbar spine either get caught, or irritated which cause a flow on effect.  In this case the patient has no low back pain, just muscular pain in the hip.


In the image below there is a probably a nerve root irritation that is effecting the hip, however this sort of curvature can also cause pain on the opposite side.  Clinical opinion is needed.


The best treatment options are manual therapy to realign the lumbar spine, in conjunction with a resistance program, a core strengthening program and then ensuring that the spine stays free and mobile with some flexibility work.


After two weeks, two treatments, and a resistance program the patient reports the hip pain as gone!


Case study 1

Its been a while so I thought I’d start 2013 with some recent case studies.

This is a 70 year old lady.  A patient of mine who I treated for neck pain. About 12 months ago she had a hip replacement.  She recently had some hip pain.  After a while she decided to go to her GP and he ordered some Xrays.  I bet she is glad that he did. As you can see by the xray the replacement cracked in two.  This just proves that prosthesis are not fool proof.  No trauma was had, she could walk,  it just broke!  She was admitted into hospital that day.  Apparently she was the star of the show in the hospital as this was a first for many of the surgeons.  Her daughter tells me she is now doing well…