Satisfaction Guaranteed!

At Illawarra Rehabilitation Clinic we want our patients to be happy. Thats why we give a satisfaction guarantee on our initial consultations. If you are not completely satisfied with your initial consultation you will not pay a cent!

We also guarantee to give honest advice, professional service, and upto date evidence based treatment which will allow you to live a healthier happy life.

Appointments can be made on 42888001.

Lateral Shift Review

Last week a patient presented with chronic low back pain. She has tried lots of different treatment modalities. She handed me her xrays which showed a lumbar scoliosis.

I treated her with wall side glides only, no manual treatment. She presented back yesterday self reporting at least a 60% improvement in one week. If you know you have a lumbar scoliosis or side shift give this movement a go.

Lets throw back to March 2012 when I uploaded a video on Margaret doing the movement.

If your unsure, please see your health care professional!!

Scoliosis. we treat these…..

We treat these!!! Young people present with spinal pain every day. Manual treatment is important. Postural awareness is imperative. Corrective exercises are essential. If you are concerned about your childs spine see your health care professional before its to late.

IRC welcomes Karina Cullen

Karina joined us a couple of months ago and is now an integral part of our team. Her focus is hydrotherapy but has a special interest in pre and post cardiac event. Karina is in on Mondays and Fridays to book an appointment.

Physiotherapist or Osteopath Wanted


We are looking for a Physiotherapist/Osteopath for an expanding private practice. We have two clinics (one in Shellharbour and one in Warrawong. Both clinics are within 20 minutes of Wollongong).

We strive for a positive work / life balance and hence why we can taylor your working hours to suit your needs. You will be working closely with experienced allied health, GPs and specialists. Our patient load is varied however we encourage that you have a special treatment interest. We encourage an active hands on approach to treatment, including manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation to both chronic and acute injuries. The majority of your work will be in the field of musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

You will have the use of clinical rooms, exercise room and hydrotherapy pool. Other modalities are also valued such as pilates, yoga, dry needling etc. We are open and flexible with hours and days. Happy to support continuing education, and remuneration is negotiable.

Please email your interest to: Thank you!

Opened with a Bang!!!

3 weeks in and our new clinic has opened with a BANG! We have been taking things slow with no advertising, no radio, not even a front sign and our appointment book is filling at a very past pace. I want to thank all the patients who have supported IRC and I appreciate your positive thoughts when coming to our new clinic.

I thought I would upload a few of our hydro patients going through their paces.

Great to see Paul smiling after his spinal fusion!!

Kims post shoulder operation is going well!

The “boys” are having a laugh as we put them through their paces after neck and knee surgery!!

Ice for Headaches…



As per any strain, or sprain, my number one self management tool for patients who suffer from Headaches is to use ice.  Ice should be used as you feel the onset of a headache, or while you are suffering from a headache.  Essentially I recommend the use of Ice to reduce swelling, or inflammation.  This reduction of swelling (inflammation) then reduces pressure within the particular structure that it is inhibiting causing the area/s to become desensitized.  As a result a reduction in pain is achieved along with its nasty side effect, your headache… 


When you feel a Headache coming on, lie on your back with a small pillow under your neck.  Place an ice pack (I prefer the soft gel packs) on the pillow under the upper part of your neck.  Ice for no longer than 10 minutes at a time.  Repeat this every 20 minutes.  10 minutes on, 20 minutes off.  Repeat this 4-6 times. 





Its been a while since Ive been on Facebook or written on my blog so I thought Id kick it off with some exciting news!!

An ultimate goal of mine was to create a purpose built rehabilitation center housing different specialties / clinics.  After 10 years of hard work, a great support team, self belief and a fantastic patient base that dream is now turning into reality…


By February / March next year IRC will open its own purpose built rehabilitation center in Shellharbour!!   So far the enthusiasm from local GP’s and patients has been outstanding!


Our clinic will have::

  • An Indoor Heated Hydrotherapy pool, set a 33 degrees all year round.
  • Neck and Headache clinic
  • Spinal Rehabilitation clinic
  • Diabetic clinic 


I  will have more information for you in the next couple of months, however please feel free to share this post and spread the word!





Things to consider when trying to lose weight:

A combination of both exercise and dietary changes are recommended to sustain long term weight management. Loss of abdominal fat and maintenance of muscle mass are primary focuses.

A reduction of only 5% in body weight can result in an improved lipid profile (cholesterol levels), blood pressure, and improves insulin resistance and insulin sensitivity (important for reducing your risk of diabetes).

Body weight alone however can be a poor measure of changes in body composition. Waist circumference provides a better indication of improvements in abdominal and visceral fat. A reduction in these measurements can reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and other serious illnesses such as type II diabetes.

Depending on your health and fitness levels performing anywhere from as little as 10mins of moderate intensity exercise per day can begin to assist with weight loss.

Aim to make exercising and healthy eating habits a part of your daily lifestyle

FREE headache treatment to the first 6 people who inbox me!!!

ok….  as I mentioned last week I will be assessing and treating 6 new headache patients for free.


I have had awesome success with this type of treatment over the last couple of years and its now time to get it out there!  It is not massage, manipulation, acupuncture, medication or anything else that you have tried.  I know this because I have essentially taken 5 years of researching physiology, physiotherapy and osteopathic techniques and have developed my own manual therapy protocol to treat headache patients.  I can guarantee that I am the only physiologist in Australia (maybe the world) to use these techniques.  It has worked for approximately 95% of patients I have treated and I am confident it can work for most who suffer from Headaches.  Keep in mind there are 5% it hasn’t helped but I’m working on that!!!


Please also keep in mind I am not doing this to make more money or to get more patients, I am doing this because I love treating headaches and love the way a patients head can clear in an instant once they have been treated!!!!!


The first 6 people to inbox me their details will be the first 6 to resolve their headaches!!!