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Been a while since I have posted on here.

Recieved this this morning and thought id post it...


Hi Nick,


Hope you are doing well. I would like to leave some feedback related to my post treatment progress.

I came to you with quite severe lower back pain which I have had from time to time since my early teens (I am now 56).

You treated me twice and suggested a series of ‘adaptations’ to my life, such as lumber support at the office and car, a heel raise and two exercises. I have complied with these since my first visit. The results are remarkable! I have basically been pain free for a good two months. I play beach volleyball every Sunday morning and routinely I suffered lower back pain after that which would keep me out of the gym for at least two days. I now wake up on Monday morning without a hint of problems. I lift more, have more energy and generally feel so much better.

I would like to thank you for your insights and advice, it has made a huge positive difference to my daily routine.


Very happy for you to use this ‘testimonial’ wherever you might have a use for it. 





I feel the best way of demonstrating what we do at IRC is by showing you.  On this page we have different patients with different symptoms and the outcomes they achieve with our treatments.  Also patients just happy to give their testimonals as to how IRC has helped them.? If you have any questions just shoot me an email.



Fred. March 2012. Severe neck pain with Headaches.



Fred presented to me in quite a bad way.  He had constant headaches for 12 months with severe pains and very restricted cervical range of motion.  Fred's scans showed wide spread degeneration with significant disc wear and tear.  Fred turned out to be one of these great cases where we assessed, treated and nailed it the first time.  I treated Fred twice and as you can see he is a very happy man!!



Kerrie. Dizziness and neck pain. Feburary 2012




Kerrie was referred to me by a local GP for cervical pain.  Kerrie xrays showed cervical DISH disease (which is short for diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis, a form of arthritis with calcification along the sides of the spine),  and a Congenital fusion seen of C2 and C3.  Kerrie told me that she has suffered from dizziness since she was about 5 years old.  She has had it intermittently every since, and has never been able to resolve it.  I had some great luck with Kerrie and am glad to have been able to helped…




Adele. 1st September 2011 - VERTIGO



Adele presented about 12 months ago after suffering from vertigo for about 12 months. she tried a number of different things then found herself in my clinic. After one session the vertigo had resolved. A great result for a fantastic person. thanks for spreading the news on my vertigo and headache treatments Adele....




Suzana. 4th August 2011


Suzana from Gwynneville presented with a migraine type headache that had lasted for 6 days. She saw her GP and was prescribed panadol forte. This didn’t change her symptoms.  She returned and received a pethidine injection.  This did not work.  A friend then referred Suzana to me for treatment…..


I saw her for the first time on the 2nd of August 2011 with a raging headache. I assessed and treated her. By the next morning her headache had resolved….  I reviewed her again today (4th August 2011) and her headache has not returned.  I will not need to review Suzana unless needed.  She was to shy to do a video testimonial but was more than happy for a written one instead.  Thanks Suzy!





 BRIAN. 14th July 2011


Brian presented with a long history of Left shoulder, elbow and hand pain (including shoulder operation).  Years later he presented to me unable to make the most out of life because of his pain.   With one session he still reported stiffness but up to 60 - 70% improvement in symptoms.  By the end of his second session the stiffness had gone and Brian reported and an overall improvement of 70%.  I saw him today for the third time and it just gets better for Brian.....



 ANDREA. 12th July 2011
Andrea presented to me in a bad way. She was struggling to breath and talk at the same time. After taking history she told me that she has had a tumor removed from her Left lunge and her Right lung was not functioning at full capacity. After assessing and treating the results were fantastic. Andrea exceeded my expectations and she was able to take a deep breath for the first time in a long time. I now review her every so often but all in all it feels great to have helped her quality of life.