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Illawarra Rehabilitation Clinic is a Musculoskeletal rehabilitation clinic.  We specialise in spinal rehabilitation, neck and back pain, and the treatment of juvenile scoliosis.  We treat disc bulges, disc replacements, discectomies, nerve impingements, and spinal fusions. We specialise in cervicogenic headaches, its treatment and self management.


We have a private indoor hydrotherapy pool were we only conduct one on one hydrotherapy.  An exercise clinic where you will participate in your supervised rehabilitation sessions.  Or our clinical treatment rooms to undergo manual therapies to realign your body.  


Our clinic is based on a private, personal approach.  We do not believe in treating you with a machine, along with 4 other people at the same time so we can maximise our profits.  We believe in treating patients with dignity and 100% attention.  


Our Goal is to make you feel as good as we can, it is to reduce your pain and increase your function.  We then give you life long tools to continue with your own self management.