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About Us


We are a team of Allied Health Professionals.   We are primarily interested in Musculoskeletal rehabilitation.  We are hands on.  We are active in our approach, and we are dynamic.  We use clinical based evidence yet we use our clinical intuition at the same time.  We are experienced.

In a nut shell this is what we do.....we specialise in Acute and Chronic Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation. We treat pain that is generated by the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and bones of the human body. Our philosophy is simple:  Assess a patient to gauge where the pain has originated from.  Treat the pain manually to change the dysfunctions. Prescribe the right movements to strengthen, lengthen or reposition the affected areas.  Then Manage by giving you the correct movements to do in your own time so you can help yourself recover.  


We treat all types of Musculoskeletal injuries such as spinal rehabilitation,  from back aches to post operative fusions.  We treat Pre and Post-operative knees, hips and shoulders.  Such as ACL repairs, Rotator cuff tears and joint replacements.  We Specialise in the return to work of injured workers.  Our team is focused on getting yourself or your injured worker back to work as quickly and efficiently as possible.



Our clinic in Shellharbour has been specifically designed housing a heated hydrotherapy pool, exercise clinic, and treatment rooms. We have off street parking and disabled access.

Even though we specialise in Workers compensation patients we also treat NDIS, Private Patients, DVA and Care plan patients.

We believe in what we do that much we offer a money back guarantee for all private initial consultations.  Please feel free to see if we can help you today.


Laura is our Exercise Physiologist and Hydrotherapist.  Laura treats all of our pre and post operative patients with her own bubbly and energetic style. 


Max is an Exercise Physiologist who also is trained in myofasical release.  He has a passion for neurokinietic therapy and strength training.  Max brings his own highly motivated approach to clinic which patients love.   


Alessandro is our Physiotherapist.  He is great at treating all kinds of musculoskeletal conditions, from general injuries to return to the sporting field.  Alessandro is our happy Italian, friendly and motivating nature ensure patients leave clinic happy and pain free.


Nick Kontopoulos is a Musculoskeletal Exercise Physiologist and manual therapist. Nick is a McKenzie therapist and scoliosis practitioner.  Since he is the one writing these blurbs he is by far the friendliest and bubbliest out of all of the staff at IRC!

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