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Headache Clinic


Headaches are a condition we treat frequently.  Current research is telling us that a great majority of headache symptoms originate from the cervical spine (the neck). When assessed and treated correctly, the cervical segments have been shown to enhance or diminish the severity of headaches.


Nick Kontopoulos has developed a method of assessing and treating the cervical spine to see if this is the origin of your headache.  When assessed and treated correctly, you headache can diminish instantaneously.  


Dysfunction in the cervical spine can occur for many reasons.  Bad posture, Static prolonged positioning of your body, Stress, Degenerated joints and discs, Soft tissue strain or damage.

Gentle manual therapy will most often be used to begin with in treating your headache. The goal is to realign the spine.


Specific Exercise therapy is always recommended after headache treatment.  This will give strength and support to the neck, allow for better function (better pain free movements), and give long term management for the complete resolution of your headache. 

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