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How We Treat

Clinical Treatments

Tele / Video conferencing


We have been treating patients in clinical setting for 20 years. Our clinics are all one on one practitioner to patient care.  We don't use passive treatment techniques whereby you sit in a room for 45 minutes by yourself with a heat pack on!   And we don't treat multiple patients at a time.

We  focus on reducing your acute pain, we focus on how we can teach you how to take control of your health, and we focus on how you can own your treatment, how you can treat yourself and how you can have a great quality of life!

Our Shellharbour clinic houses treatment rooms, exercise clinic and an indoor hydrotherapy pool.  We have off street parking for easy access with a disabled ramp.  Our premises is clean and refreshing and I will guarantee you will be greeted with a smile by our great reception staff.

Online teleconferencing  has recently come to light as a modality for Allied health professionals, however we have practiced this form of treatment for some time now with our patients.

We have systems and procedures in place to assess and prescribe rehabilitation protocols to our patients. Our philosophy remains unchanged.  Progress forward.  Our aim is to continuously give patients all we can give so you can own your treatment and move forward with a great quality of life.  

We give continued support and contact to ensure all of your rehab remains effective and efficient

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