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Pre and Post Rehabilitation

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For patients about to under go spinal or orthopaedic surgery the term pre-operative and post-operative should be important.  And they certainly mean something when it comes to your rehabilitation protocols. 

Pre operative is what happens before your surgery, and it is just as important as after your surgery. Pre-operative prepares you for what you have to come.  It gives you as much strength and flexibility as possible.  Its creating neural pathways between your brain and the body part that we are working.  It also allows you to feel what exercise rehab feels like so you know what to expect after surgery.

Post operative rehabilitation is what happens after you have surgery.  Usually your surgeon will give you a general protocol to follow, however it is never that simple.  The post operative phase is critical.  The type of movement you do, the speed and resistance you may or may not use, and when it is time to move on to your next movement is critical.

We treat pre and post operative for most musculoskeletal conditions.  Check out the video below.

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