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Health and Safety


At Illawarra Rehabilitation clinic we take health and safety very seriously.  Sanitation of our clinic is of extreme importance.  We always knew it was important and have practiced it in our clinic from the start.  However with the arrival of COVID-19 it made it quite obvious to us how important it was.  It was due to our usual standard practices that we were able to be so proactive with implementing strategies for COVID-19.  In fact, we were already doing it!  Our showers have always been sanitized after each and every patient.  Every patient must shower thoroughly before entering our pool. Treatment tables and equipment have always been sanitized after every use. 


There were some things that needed to be done more frequent....  Wiping door handles, sanitizing chairs, cleaning counters.  They have always been meticulously done by our great staff, but now the goal is to do them after every patient.

And there were things we have never done before like employing professional companies to sanitize our clinic for us.  We have our clinic sanitized on a regular basis by a team trained in protection of businesses during COVID-19. After thorough cleaning, machines are used to continue the sterilizing process.








Since COVID-19 we have implemented a no contact approach, limiting the use of door handles, Eftpos machines and the like of.  Staff have gloves and masks, we have sufficient sanitizing solution.  We preempted this right from the start, and we were prepared.  And because all of this we are still open.


Other examples of our health and safety protocols is having an active and updated first aid box and having a defibrillator on site! We have off street parking, with one safe entry and exit point. Our electrical and fire equipment is tested yearly and we test our pool daily to ensure it is pristine.

We are very proud of our clinic, and our patients feel comfortable because they feel safe. 

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